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Feel free to drop me a message if you want to commission me! :)
  COMMISSION Valdis by Yagellonica  Dren by Yagellonica  Adair the Beach Lion by Yagellonica  ART TRADE Inquisitor Trevelyan by Yagellonica  Rusa by Yagellonica 



Yagellonica's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Digital Art
Things I like:
* Everything and anything in blue, dark blue to be precise, like Prussian-blue.
* Peonies and carnations (don't like roses, never have), forget-me-not, lily-of-the-valley, tulips!
* Historical fashions (current fashions are so boring and style-less).
* Classical music (although I hate Bach), but I also love listening to metal and heavy rock, and even folk music (but not country music > makes me nauseous).
* For some strange reason I love maps... (Can't draw any myself).
* Green tea, mild please.
* Love my Viking roots... :)

Things I hate / dislike:
* Religion, stupidity & mental blindness (that often comes with religion), racism, discrimination of all types, blind obedience to things/people, inequality, oppression (especially the military type), injustice, loosing the freedom of expression or being denied basic human rights... This list could be endless.
* I just hate it that Christians have taken all these pagan holidays and now call them solely their own > like Yule, Easter etc, they were ALL originally pagan celebrations that the church decided to take over and rename for their own evil devious purposes to get more followers!
* A male superior divine creature. I can't stand even the idea!


Gotten some cortisone injections and my shoulder/arm pain is slowly going away. It'll still take some time before I can be "back to myself" and doing art fluently. But I'm getting there.
Keep your fingers crossed! Nod 
I've been having so many (gaming) mishaps lately that I'm almost certain that I'm either cursed or plagued by rotten luck. (And yes, my right shoulder + arm + wrist still hurt like hell. Playing games is basically all I can do, and that too sometimes becomes so painful that I have to pause the game for several hours while I take a rest > mainly a handful of painkillers and go to sleep...)
So, started a new warden in DAO (because all my previous saves were lost - long story). Aaand, the game kept crashing all the time. Had to save before every loading screen and right after. Exhausting. Got through it, just about, and started Awakening... Can't get past Vending Woods because it is literally cursed with CTDs.
So, started a new Hawke in DA2 (again, previous saves lost - even longer story + needed the Warden from DAO for a specific story in DA2). Played through until the very end... and it crashed before saving the end!!! ...Serious facedesking ensued.
My Inquisitor is currently supporting a vanilla hairstyle because for some reason the hair mod stopped working... Played it through with only half-a-heart and decided to ditch it and make a new one. Again. Must be my who-knows-how-manyeth Inquisitor...
Oh, and in between gaming my right arm is giving me hell.
Do they sell arm spare parts anywhere...? :| (Blank Stare) 
...I may seem "active" since I've posted a few things here, but the truth is that my right arm/shoulder is still on strike with no end in sight. Meds are not working. The pain is everlasting, it seems. Drawing is torture but hey I still do it... Bit of a masochist, I suppose.
Oh, and I got close encounters with the ground yesterday = I faceplanted on the street... right on top my RIGHT ARM! Pesky gravity doing its tricks on me... Now I'm not only in pain from the shoulder inflammation but also from the multiple bruises.
Yay... I think I've fainted. 
As the title says. Male "Cinderella", aka Cinder-fella... Giggle 

A couple of things to point out for this one.
1. Halloween is coming up, isn't it? I've heard it's a big thing somewhere over the ocean where it's celebrated to ad nauseam... I don't usually get pics done on time for any holidays but started this one quite early, not really even aiming for Halloween but since there was a pumpkin it sort of fits the theme. :D (Big Grin) 
2. When I think of Cinderella, I think of "cuteness". Also, when I think of "cute boys", I think of K-Pop boys. Giggle They are soooo cute. And that's why my Cinderfella looks a bit like an Asian dude. 
3. My right arm (and whole hand, really) still hurts like hell and drawing is more or less torture, hence this is not exactly as I wanted it to be but at the moment can't do anything about it. I'm slowly trying to force my right hand to obey me and not spasm out like a scarecrow in stormy winds.
4. Hate drawing animals. Confirmed, once again. No idea what those birds are, maybe sparrows...? Just random birds. Not angry. But I am, a little, since they look a bit weird. And the mice... don't get me started on the mice. I hate rats, and mice.
5. Yes, he has a tattoo. Because why not. Also, funny story about it, while I was surfing the internet looking for cool designs (my search words were heart + crown), I got a ton of Kingdom Hearts' images... Um wad? Never heard of that before. Did another search for it, and wow, it's a merry mixture of Japanese anime plus Disney characters... Like wow? Disturbing, and weird. Anyways, my heart + crown tattoo supposedly symbolises the fact that the story is a romantic one (heart) and he ends up being a prince (crown). The wings are just extra decor... His heart taking flight, or somesuch nonsense. :D (Big Grin) 
6. The colours on him are taken directly from Disney's Cinderella: his shirt is the same bluish-white colour, his vest is the same dark reddish-brown, and his breeches are the same dull baby-poop brown as her skirt. No apron. Cute dudes don't need no aprons. Wink/Razz 

Another point of note: never actually seen a pumpkin that's orange in colour. All pumpkins I've ever seen have been either dark green or shades of brown. Maybe the pumpkins across the ocean are orange...?

Done on ClipStudioPaint Pro
Patterns are mine. Fabric texture from Clip Studio's own texture assets.
Contains 4 female body bases in PNG format (meaning: it will only show outlines). DOWNLOAD IT!
You can use for whatever you want, just please link me back so others can find this too.
You can alter in any way you want/need, but do not post as your own stock.

Feel free to beef him up if you need to. Nod 


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